28 Feb 2019

From wear and tear on the deck to chipped stain, it’s time to do it. Staining your deck protects your outdoor oasis and will return the value back to the porch you so love. Choosing the right tools for the job

is the biggest key to success.
Choosing Stain After you have cleaned your deck and addressed any deterioration, it’s time to select a stain. Choosing the right stain can highlight the beauty of the wood. The more transparent the product the more often you have to apply it. Products with more pigment protect against sun and weather longer and discuss any damage in the wood. However, they also cover the grain more. Take your time looking at all the details on the label. If you are still are not sure, try a sample of it in an inconspicuous place on your deck.
Choosing tools The right applicators and tools can improve the results of your deck stain project. Use a stain brush that is made for staining. The bristles hold more stain and provide an even coat. Use a brush that fits the size of the wood plank so you are not going back and applying more stain then the wood requires. Specialty applicators for staining can be used vs. a brush and only help in holding more stain and applying less of it. Rollers are good for solid stains and when applying resurface products to the wood.